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warm olives with fresh herbs -v- 4.5

humus, haydari & muhammara with pita bread -v- 16 / 6

turkish lentil soup -v- 6

mediterranean cucumber salad ; red onion, watermelon radish, olives, dill vinaigrette -v-8

organic arugula salad with sumac, pomegranate seeds & farmers cheese -v- 9

black lentil & bulgur salad withgolden raisins, almonds, cucumber, feta cheese, mint -v- 8

crispy spiced brussels sprouts with aleppo aioli -v- 9

zuchinni cakes with parsley, mint, feta cheese & yogurt sauce -v- 8

roasted cauliflower with green onion, lemon & urfa pepper -v- 9


falafel wrap -v- 8

mediterranean lamb meatball wrap 10

chicken shish kebab wrap 9


vegetarian moussakka ; vegetable casserole, kasseri cheese & bechamel -v- 13

turkish spiced marinated chicken kebab with warm chickpea salad & spicy paprika sauce 14

lamb kebab with warm chickpea salad, pistachios & paprika butter 15

grilled yellowtail kebab with warm chickpea salad & kalamata olive puree 15

vegetarian moussakka ; vegetable casserole, kasseri cheese & bechamel -v- 13

grilled lamb meatballs with cannellini beans, carrots, spinach, haydari & cherry tomatoes 13

beyti ; adana style lamb wrapped in lavash bread with tomato and yogurt tahini sauce 15



349 Clement Street

at 5th Ave,

San Francisco, CA


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Whenever possible we use products that are organic, sustainable, and locally farmed.

18% gratuity may be added for parties of 6 or more.

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